Pox on him

Jack is doing pretty well with the chickenpox.  He pretty much has them everywhere, although they are barely noticeable on his face.  The worst spots are his scalp, his tongue, right near his eyes, and his diaper area (that is where he has the most!).  He’s done a superb job of not scratching (it perhaps helps that he has been getting oatmeal baths at his dad’s all weekend) so I think he may get out of this without lasting marks.  Fingers crossed!

Most of the blisters I found have crusted over so he is on the mend.  He should be good to return to daycare at some point this week.  We may be lucky enough to go see Princesses on Ice after all, as well!  Let’s hope!

Remind me to take a picture of the pox.  I think they are kinda cute.

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