Fairytale boy

Jack is now full-on obsessed with princesses.  We read the program from they Disney On Ice every night before bed.  I arrived at his daycare yesterday to see him cloaked in a blanket.  I thought it was a cape but, alas, it proved to be a princess dress with a clip holding it together.  He had been insisting all day that he was Belle from Beauty & The Beast.  I’m not quite sure how Belle became his favorite but I guess she has the same color eyes and hair as him…  Apparently no one is allowed to have the same favorite princess.  He stole my favorite!  So I am now Cinderella.  That feels about right.  😛

Jack has memorized all of the Disney princesses from the show we saw.  He has bestowed a princess name upon everyone at daycare.  And yes, I have explained that in the stories the boys are princes and the girls are princesses; however, whenever I try to tell Jack the “truth” about anything, he pretty much rolls his eyes at me and says, “MAAAA-OHM, I’m just pretending!”  (I am scared of the teenaged years.)

This morning before we left the house Jack demanded to wear a pink princess dress…of course, Jack’s wardrobe consists mostly of pants and there is not a single dress or skirt to be found.  *gasp*  I will have to hit up the after-Halloween clearance sales I think.  We can’t be royalty without ball gowns!

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