And now it’s time for a book review

I had a lot of blog visitors after posting about my depression (thank you all for the support!).  I figured there are at least some of you out there who are going through something similar or know someone in my situation, so I would like to share a book with you:

I found out about Tracy Thompson’s blog a few years ago and then immediately added her book to my wishlist.  Joe bought it for me for my first Mother’s Day, I believe, but I didn’t get around to reading it.  I finally picked it up after posting this week and it’s the perfect thing right now!  I can read tidbits here and there, pick it up and set it back down over and over, and still know what the heck is going on.

I haven’t found other books like this out there – a book about the uniqueness of depression in mothers written by a mother with depression herself, who includes research and testimonials from other mothers in this situation.  There are many books out there written by experts, doctors, scientists, etc. and while they include good information about treatment and symptoms, there is not much in the way of comiseration.  I’ve rarely come away reading a book addressing depression and thought, “They are talking about me.  This information could help ME.”

Additionally, the subject (depression related to parenthood) has been talked about so little outside of PPD, and depression is still often misunderstood (i.e. “what are you depressed about?”), so it’s nice to find information targeted specifically toward me by someone who has been on the “inside.”  The book discusses Major Depression and how it morphs when motherhood becomes part of the picture – when the affected parent must meet the needs of their child, those of which often conflict with what the parent needs to stay healthy.

I haven’t even gotten halfway through the book yet and I’m glad I’m reading.  It is very much worth checking out if you are depressed or even if you know someone who is.  The author addresses the subject with a delicacy that I don’t think I have myself!  There is so much good information and it’s presented in a way that isn’t going to be scary to family members and friends.

By the way, I am not receiving any compensation for providing this recommendation, and I have not been in contact with the author.  I just really like this book and think it could help a lot of people out there!

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