I’m looking forward to Halloween this year! We haven’t done much in previous years because Jack was too young for candy anyway, but he definitely knows what chocolate is now! Last night he dressed up as a Viking warrior (not my first choice for a 3 year old’s costume) and went to a library event with his dad.  Saturday I will take him trick-or-treating for the first time ever! Since this is an introduction to ToTing for him and I’d rather not have him hopped up on sugar for the next six months, I am limiting the activity to our little street. After a quick swing around the block, we’ll head back home and hand out candy.  I think seeing all the kids in costume and giving out candy will amuse Jack just as much as knocking on doors.  He takes great pleasure in engaging delivery personnel in conversation on a regular basis, so this should add an extra fun twist!

We have a couple costume choices lined up. I bought a Buzz Lightyear costume that I think he will totally dig.  If he decides he doesn’t want to be Buzz, he has a pair of Superman Pajamas (cape included!) that are also passable as a costume. I can’t wait to see the look on his face once he figures out that he can get candy from knocking on our neighbor’s doors dressed up in costume!

One of these nights this week I’ll be making pumcakes (pumpkin cupcakes with chocolate chips), which was a tradition on my dad’s side of the family when I was a kid.  I wish I had a garage to recreate the funhouse my grandparents would set up every year, too!  Maybe next year.

What are your Halloween plans?

3 thoughts on “Jack-o-lantern”

  1. I think you need to post the pumcake recipe. Last night we carved and decorated our pumpkins. Saturday we are headed to the in laws to handout candy and trick or treat.

  2. We carved punkins already and on Saturday are headed to trick or treat with my sister and her kids, same as last year. Katie had a blast and so we are psyched to do it again. Can’t wait to hear Jack’s reaction to the whole thing. 🙂
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