Tricky Kids

Evidence that Jack is a smart but tricky little kid:

  • We’ve made no progress on potty training – he completely refuses to use the potty at all at home now.  BUT he uses the toilet pretty reliably at daycare.  At home he tells me: “Mom, you like to change my diaper!”
  • I was informed by his daycare provider that not only can Jack remove his shoes, but he can also put them on by himself.  Additionally, he can undress and get his shirt on just fine without help.
  • I bought the Super Why Alphabet game thinking Jack needed some extra study time to learn his letters (partially because he won’t sing the ABCs).  We have played a few times and Jack was not responsive to the questions on the cards wherein he was asked to identify various letters of the alphabet.  I figured he just didn’t know his letters well enough yet, but this theory was disproved when he pointed out and correctly named letters all over David’s shirt one day.
  • Jack will ask me the names of the Disney princesses and/or the seven dwarfs…if I say I don’t know, he will recite each name to me.
  • Jack has said on more than one occasion that he wants to play “inja” or wear his “inja” shirt.  One day David tried to correct him and Jack replied, “NO!  It’s not ninja, it’s inja!”  David was suitably chastened.

Beware, parents.  These kids are more clever than you may know!

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