It was a smash

Halloween was a blast!  When Batman knocked on our door and said “trick or treat,” Jack’s eyes grew wide with excitement.  We dressed him in his Buzz Lightyear costume, grabbed a candy tote, and the three of us headed out.  Jack is pretty hilarious in costume.  As soon as he got that costume on he announced, “I’m the REAL Buzz Lightyear!”  He told everyone he met that his name was Buzz Lightyear and showed off his laser.

Jack was very polite to our neighbors handing out candy, asking if he could have a brown one with chocolate in it or an orange one or a lollipop, always saying thank you.  I was a proud mama!  He was a little intimidated at some of the houses, many of which had stairs, so David or I walked him up to the doors.  We took a quick turn around the block, which proved to be enough for Jack – when we were 3/4 of the way around, he said he wanted to go home.

The candy was a big hit, of course, although I only let him have two pieces that night (along with a pumcake or two).  As I predicted, the biggest hit was handing out candy to trick-or-treaters.  Jack would run to the door every time the doorbell rang and ask the kids if he could give them candy.  He loved looking at the costumes and giggled when he saw groups of kids upon opening the door.  It was adorable.

When things quieted down a bit, I put on some Halloween music and danced with Jack in the kitchen.  It was absolutely the most fun I’ve had on a holiday since I was a kid!  I can’t wait for next year!

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