A different kind of fairytale

Jack has a vivid imagination.  He often pretends to turn me into a princess (sometimes I’m a good princess and sometimes I’m a bad princess – he is usually a bad guy).  The kid may have magical powers after all…

As many of my friends can tell you, I need some serious help when it comes to fashion (just don’t listen if they tell you that I wear white socks with black shoes – I haven’t done that for years now!).  I have been wearing the same pair of (now squeaky) shoes for about two years.  Not too long ago I was walking behind a co-worker and he turned around to say, “Wow, you sure aren’t sneaking up on anybody!”  I only own two pairs of sneakers (black and brown) and two pairs of semi-dressy shoes (flats, also black and brown), plus one set of cheapy Walgreens flip flops.  I own three bras, one of which fits correctly (although it’s my least favorite) and none of which are strapless.  I have a week’s worth of outfits that consist mostly of jeans and a dwindling supply of Aeropostale t-shirts that I bought on sale.  There may be one or two blazers in my closet but I do not have slacks to match.  I have one dress that fits and I’m pretty sure it’s fugly.  The only coat I have anymore (that fits) has buttons missing.

Make-up?  I haven’t bought any in a few years now.  Handbag?  I have one from Nine West that I got over two years ago.  I like it because it has lots of pockets, but it’s green.  I don’t own a single other green piece of clothing.  The green bag was all that was on sale at the time.

There are many reasons why my wardrobe is in this state.  The number one reason is that I’m a working mom who is also going to school.  I don’t have time to shop, especially in a real store where I could try things on.  I do most of my shopping online and end up returning most of it (because I’m petite but I have curves and this seems to boggle the minds of many designers).

Also, I don’t have a lot of money to spend on myself.  I have been strapped for cash for years now due to my significant other’s schooling or debt accrued during the divorce or this craptastic unemployment-laden economy.  Updating the contents of my closet (beyond replacing things that have fallen apart with the cheapest options possible) never fell on the list of things “necessary to live.”

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a contest at momversation.com to win a $1500 Target gift certificate and help with creating my new wardrobe.  This was about the same time that I spent a chunk of cash taking my cat to the vet, got a $253 parking ticket, and shelled out $700 for a new crown because I have crappy dental insurance (the tab has since increased to $1200 because the insurance is even worse than previously thought!).  I was also two weeks into a promotion at work and feeling the pressure to wear more professional clothing.  So you know I entered that contest as quickly as I could, just on the off chance that something might come of it.  Then Jack got the chicken pox, I had two final papers due, and I got stressed and depressed and I completely forgot about the contest…until I got an email saying that I had been chosen as the winner!

That princess Jack has turned me into?  It must be Cinderella.  It’s a damned good thing I’ll have a fairy godmother to help me shop because I have never in my life spent more than $300 on clothing at a time!  I would not even know where to begin.

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