Sweet dreams

As much as I feel impatience when Jack and I go through the bedtime routine every night, I also cherish those special moments.

I love that, no matter what, we have time set aside each night to read books and talk about the stories.

I love that we will always say goodnight with a multitude of hugs and kisses. I love hearing him whisper, “I love you, mom” with a sigh.

I love discussing what he wants to dream about.

I love that when I tell him to close his eyes he replies, “I just want to close one eye.”

I love snuggling up to him, smelling his neck and nuzzling his skin while I hold his hand or caress his hair. It soothes me as well as him. It’s so soothing, in fact, that I have fallen asleep right next to him more often than not.

Even though I don’t love listening to him call for me over and over again when he should be drifting off to sleep, I love that he knows I will answer if he doesn’t give up calling.

I love that face. Photo (c) 2009 Sarah ReedeI love that face. Photo by @Sarahndipitea

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