A passion for princesses

The meltdown last week over the lack of princess books in the house made it apparent that we needed to beef up Jack’s collection.  I’ll be focusing on dress-up items of all sorts for xmas presents this year, I think.  I added some classic princess movies (that I can stand) to his wishlist and have a bookstore manager friend of mine scout out good book options (hopefully with a decent message about men and women).

Last night when I ran to the store to grab a few household necessities, I chose the princess pull-ups rather than the ones with cars on them.  Jack was ecstatic about wearing Cinderella this morning…I also got him a couple of Disney coloring books and he immediately grabbed his crayons to “make the princess’s dress red.”  The book and his box of crayons accompanied him to daycare this morning and, oy, did he have instructions for me on how to carry them for him!

One thing is for sure – no one can ever say I didn’t support the kid’s interests!

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