I’m a thankful person.  I thank people constantly (also, I apologize profusely…hm).  Thanksgiving happens every day for me but it’s nice to stop for a bit once a year and write it all down.  A few things I’m thankful for are:

  • Jack, who brings so much joy to my life and shows me how to be a kid again.  Without him, I would not be able to experience the happiness I do today.  He is my motivation.
  • David, who has offered me endless emotional support and love, makes me laugh every day, gives the best back rubs, and cooks delicious dinners.  He is my mirror, my comfort, and my reward all in one.
  • My friends who are so very understanding and accepting and giving.  They are the family I have chosen and I am constantly reminded that I’ve done a great job in surrounding myself with awesome people.
  • My family members who have helped make me a strong and successful person.
  • My livelihood, which allows me to work and provide for my child and experience so much of what life has to offer.  I suppose I am thanking myself here a bit but, well, I think I deserve thanks, too.  🙂
  • Bacon because it makes my life taste better.

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