And I’m off!

Tomorrow is my birthday so we are heading out to Las Vegas tonight.  I’m excited to see many friends as part of the Vegas Birthday Bash.  My birthday dinner will be held at Mon Ami Gabi, a French restaurant I fell in love with during my sister’s wedding reception.  Yummy steak and frites!

Our celebration started last night really.  A few months ago I offhandedly mentioned to David that I’d totally love an R2D2 cake for my birthday.  Fast forward to yesterday when I was presented with this:


Yup, the man spent several hours literally building a cake for me (receiving moral support from our dear Sarah).  That sucker has six layers of chocolate cake with butter cream frosting – all from scratch.  Four pounds of sugar are in the frosting alone.  Best.birthday.EVER!

See you next week y’all.

2 thoughts on “And I’m off!”

  1. Have a safe trip. Can’t wait to meet you here. I’ve heard Mon Ami Gabi is awesome, but I’ve never been.

    Love the cake. Keep the man. It’s all about buttercream, baby.

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