Nutcracker Ballet

Last week Jack and I went with my friend Rebecca to see the SF Ballet’s Nutcracker.  Thanks to my gig at Savvy Source I was able to get premium orchestra tickets on opening night, which was also Family Night.  Not only were we surrounded by families with young children, but Jack got a seat on the aisle so he could actually see the stage instead of having to stare at the back of someone’s head the whole show.  IMG_1391 

Family night was awesome!  We got there early and Jack got a plush reindeer and a nutcracker ornament for being one of the first 500 kids in the building.  There were three stations set up where the dancers were in costume posing for pictures with the kids.  We stood in line and got to take this photo with a wallflower (aka “princess” in Jack’s mind) and a Russian.  (Kinda funny story – when Jack saw the Chinese portion of the show after reading through the program, he said excitedly “I saw Chinese!” and insisted that the dancers name was “Chinese.”)


Jack absolutely loved the first act and stayed focused the whole time.  The second act was a little more challenging as it was after his bedtime but he was no more noisy than most of the other kids in the audience.  He progressively asked more questions and got louder and there was one less-than-polite person in the audience who turned around to glare at Jack.  Other than that, though, the night went extremely well and we really enjoyed ourselves.  Jack told me he definitely wanted to go back next year!

For my part, I had so much fun seeing the ballet again and watching Jack’s reaction to it.  My grandmother took me to see this several times when I was a kid and I’ve always loved it.  I feel so lucky to be able to give Jack that experience, as well.

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