I’ve been experiencing the Baby Lust.  Duhn duhn duhhhhhnnnn.

I think it started when a bunch of friends and acquaintances got pregnant (I know nine women who were pregnant at some point in 2009 – I have to stop counting now because I could go on I’m sure)…then came the birth of several adorable infants.  Then the holidays arrived and I visited my almost 1 year old niece, my friend Daniella’s newborn son, and my friend Beth with her 9 month old.  Babies, babies everywhere!

I’ve been pretty good at holding the baby lust at bay.  I’m definitely not ready quite yet and I know that – one of the biggest reasons being that I’d rather not be the engaged pregnant chick who is also trying to finalize her divorce.  (I would just HAVE to go into reality television at that point, right?)  I also remind myself that Jack is not potty trained yet and I don’t want to be nursing one child while changing another’s diaper, all while I use the toilet myself.  (You know it happens!)

So, with that said, I went ahead and got another type of baby to cool the baby lust.  Meet Micro:


I plan to bring this little guy to work where I can talk to him in baby talk all day.  He’s very friendly!

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