To the future

Is it really, truly a new year?  I am having trouble comprehending that.  Instead of feeling pressed for time as the end of the year approaches, I feel like I am letting days slip by.  We’re six days in and what have I accomplished?  Not a whole hell of a lot, I’ll tell you.  I have some big ticket items that I’d like to see come to fruition this year and I’m itching to get a move on.  On the other hand, I’m still recovering from the insanity that was 2009. and a year of rest sounds pretty appealing right now.

In the realm of things that are moving right along… David had an interview yesterday (and, whew, does that man look HOT in a suit!) and has a list of eight more jobs to apply to today.  Fingers crossed and good thoughts and all that!  Our bank account is surprisingly healthy (thanks, Mom, for ingraining frugality into me from a young age!).  Jack is doing fabulous (potty training being a gigantic exception).  My job is going well.  All good things!

I’m looking forward to this being a year of moving on to the next phase.  I’m hopeful that my divorce papers will finally get accepted by the courts.  David will get a fantastic job.  I think maybe, perhaps, Jack might start using the potty at home and we’ll start ramping him up for preschool.  David and I will tie the knot (hopefully in May rather than October) and go on a romantic, relaxing honeymoon together.  And we’ll all live happily ever after!

That’s what my 2010 fairytale looks like anyway.  What about yours?

2 thoughts on “To the future”

  1. I have big goals for this year, too! (not in this order)
    1- Boy Blue potty trains
    2- Little Red stops sucking his thumb
    3- We buy our own place, I don’t care if it’s a condo instead of a house, I just want a mortgage and enough room for a piano
    4- Paul’s company finally starts paying him what he deserves (apparently even the company’s controller can’t believe how little they are paying him.)

    Good luck on yours! Happy New Year!!!

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