The Empress’ New Clothes

Back in October I was selected to win the $1500 Target make-over from  I was shocked and grateful and honored and grateful and did I say grateful?  I hadn’t bought a new wardrobe since I was shopping for maternity clothes, and even then I borrowed a ton of stuff from friends.  But with a recent work change wherein I was to be more visible in the company where I work, I knew it was time to address my wardrobe.

I dislike shopping.  I don’t necessarily dislike fashion but being that I’m a single(ish) mom, I’m short on both time and funds.  That leaves me with very little patience for shopping.  Thank goodness Momversation sent one of their Panelists (the hilarious Daphne Brogdon of to pick out clothes for me!

Once we got our schedules together for a shopping trip in November, I took Her Awesomeness Sarahndipitea with me for moral support and we drove to the Target in Daly City.  We met up with Daphne and Rob Morhaim (the creative mastermind behind Momversation) and I was quickly shuffled to Cosmetics.  A friendly Boots representative found us and offered to give me a makeover, so I sat down and learned about the UK brand of cosmetics while I received actual eyebrows and color on my pale skin.  While I was getting all made up, Daphne and Rob hustled over to the clothing department and started filling a cart with outfits.

After my make up was complete I headed over to take up residence in the changing rooms.  I then spent several hours trying clothing on.  Sarah and Daphne took turns bringing items to me in the dressing room and then ooohing and aaaahing at my transformation while I blushed and soaked in their compliments.  Store employees and even other shoppers stopped by to check me out when I emerged to get a yay or nay on an outfit.  Luckily I was too busy to worry much about being the center of attention, otherwise my face would have been bright red the whole time.  I came away with a cart overflowing with clothing.  And yes, I spent that entire $1500 (minus a couple bucks) on clothes, shoes, jewelry, and cosmetics. 

It was exhausting, but I had a blast doing it!  I am super thankful to Rob, Daphne, Sarah, Target, and Sonia for helping me change my look while staying within my comfort zone.  I feel great!

7 thoughts on “The Empress’ New Clothes”

  1. Awesome!
    I read this on my feed reader, and the photos didn’t turn up. That was a pretty good joke given the title of your post. But I couldn’t leave it as a joke and HAD to come over and see the pictures — you look great with all your new stuff! And you TOTALLY deserve it. Hooray!
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..2009 Ornaments =-.

  2. YAY! so glad you got a chance to write this up as I was so excited for you when you won. You look awesome in the pics and what a fun time it must have been. You deserve it! Enjoy your new stuff!
    .-= B´s last blog ..Back To It =-.

  3. oh, there was so much more! The Boot’s gal who stayed with us because “no one in daly city wants a make over”. my sadness that this was the one Target without a starbucks. How good I looked in that striped pullover. How we bonded and promised to stay friends forever! Well, maybe I made that part up. Hope you are still enjoying your clothes.

    1. You totally have it right. At least, your memory is probably better than mine. 😉

      So glad you remember those details! (I’ve seen you wearing that striped sweater in your blog videos! It still looks awesome!)

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