I’m piggybacking on Miss Disgrace’s post about compliments.  I think it’s fun to hear about what others get complimented on, so if you don’t want to post on your own blog, please share in a comment!

I am not super great at accepting compliments but I think I’m getting better at saying thank you rather than pointing out why the compliment can’t be true.  😛  These are the things that I (remember) being complimented on multiple times:

Creativity – I write, I quilt, I’ve stamped/scrapbooked, I’ve made jewelry…I could probably go on.  I’ve gotten compliments on my ability to do a varying amount of creative activities and do them well.

My backside – This one cracks me up.  The guys definitely like it, but the ladies notice it, too (even the ones who worry about the size of theirs.  My co-worker nominated me as a sistah, even.

Strength (emotional) – I’ve been through a lot and I’m often the person friends and family go to for moral support.  In emergencies, I’m always the clear-headed one that takes care of business while others freak out.

Wisdom – Various people have told me that I have an old soul or that I am wise beyond my years.  I suppose this is true…I learn from others’ mistakes as well as my own (not that I make any, ha!).

Motherhood – I’m told fairly often that I’m a good mother.  I’m not sure if this has more to do with Jack or my tendency to take care of everyone around me (Sarah, wear sunscreen!).  Hee hee.

Goofiness – I’m not sure if everyone means this as a compliment but I take it as one anyway.  I love goofing off and making people laugh (and myself, really).  Jack tells me I’m silly all the time, too.

David compliments (and complements) me constantly, of course, but I’m sure he sees me differently than other people.  What do you get complimented on?

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