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When Jack is at my house, he seems to want to stay inside.  I’m not sure if he is an introvert, this is a reflection of me and my own preferences, or if it has to do more with his other places of residence.  Unless we plan an “adventure” days ahead of time and talk about it every day, he will refuse to leave the house.  He doesn’t want to go to the park, play outside with chalk, go see friends or family, or anything else I suggest.  Jack wants to stay inside and play with his toys while watching movies.  I can’t recall a time when he actually asked to go outside.

I’ve struggled with whether this is “right” or not.  I often wonder if I should be pushing him to get outside.  On one hand, I know he has fun once he gets out and does whatever it is we decide to do.  On the other, it often takes so much time and energy to get him out of the door that neither of us gets to enjoy the activity as much as we could.  In addition, Jack is very active at daycare and at his dad’s.  His daycare takes trips to the nearby parks and museums, and there are always the other kids with which to play.  Jack’s dad is a park ranger and can’t stand to let a day go by without some sort of outside activity, so he and Jack get out even during bad weather.

Out of the three places where Jack spends the most time, it seems to me that my house is more of a refuge.  Jack is busy and active everywhere else, and at my house he can be more of a homebody if he chooses.  We play games, we build, we watch movies, we bake, we pretend to be superheroes, etc.  Jack doesn’t seem to show much preference between his dad’s house and my house, so I have taken to assuming overall it probably evens out.

Honestly, I have no idea how others parents balance out their inside/outside activities.  How do you know if your child is getting enough time indoors versus outdoors?  Do you follow your kid’s lead when it comes to daily activities?  Have you noticed whether your kid seems more introverted or extroverted?  So many questions…

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  1. Sam always needs unwinding time to balance outside time. If he has a busy day of hiking (or whatever), I don’t feel the least bit guilty about letting him veg all day the next day, because I know he needs it. It sounds to me like your house is that day off for Jack.

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