One mom’s successful day

Saturday was one of those days when everything clicked into place.  At the end of the day I felt like superwoman!  It’s not that I accomplished anything amazing, though, just that I managed to do everything I set out to do.  It was a successful parenting day as well as a fulfilling personal day.

We had a break in the crazy rain storm that’s been pounding San Francisco for the last week, so we took  advantage and headed to Ocean Beach.  The beach is just sheltered enough to make you forget you’re in the city, which was so needed after being trapped by the rain for days on end.  The sun was out just long enough to keep us from freezing, while the wind blew just enough to keep the waves crashing onto the shore.  We did some walking, built sand castles, and drew pictures of suns, rainbows, and hearts in the sand.

After getting our fill of the salty air, we sat down in a restaurant to eat dim sum.  Jack was well behaved and even ate little bits of a dumpling along with rice and a donut (lunch of champions – good thing I fed him earlier).  Upon arriving home we read books and took naps (well…apparently I took the longest nap).  Ahhh, relaxation.

Our evening was filled with games.  Jack and I played the board games Hi Ho Cherry-O and Five Little Monkeys, then David and I played Trivial Pursuit.  I gave Jack a bath and clipped his nails, then off to bed he went!  He went down easily and David and I stayed up late playing more Trivial Pursuit (I lost all games but didn’t completely bomb).

Somewhere in there, I got a shower and did some dishes.  I also made sure to pat myself on the back for a job well done and refused to think about the days that do not go so smoothly.

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