Birth control blues

I used to take the pill.  I tried various kinds and they either affected my depression, gave me insane PMS, or killed my libido.  I’m allergic to nonoxynol 9, which eliminates a large number of contraceptives such as the sponge.  I had the Paraguard (copper) IUD inserted about a year ago, but had it removed in the emergency room last week due to crazy amounts of bleeding and painful cramps.  Oy.  I seriously can’t win in the birth control arena.

In speaking with my doctor about other options, I was informed that the pill can also increase the risk of stroke in women who experience migraines with auras (yup, that’d be me)…so I can’t go back to that even if the other side effects weren’t an issue.  My doctor suggested the Mirena IUD due to the small amount of hormones.  Otherwise, we are left with condoms – which are less effective without the spermicide…

I’m so frustrated.  At this point, the IUD freaks me out.  That little bit of hormones freaks me out because there is a chance of it increasing my migraines (which are already unbearable).  The only non-hormonal option (since the Paraguard was so awful) at this point is condoms.  Definitely not ideal!  (And lest you think I’m ignoring the FAM, let me reassure you.  I am not ignoring it, it just won’t work for me due to my screwed up non-cycle.)

There isn’t much point to this entry except to rant about the fact that even though there have been so many advances in the sex & science field, there are still so many of us struggling to find a contraceptive that works.  Most of the complaints I’ve had are not unique – even the issue with being allergic to spermicide.  I’m just really fed up…

5 thoughts on “Birth control blues”

  1. We only use condoms for birth control, and haven’t had an issue… but that’s mostly because Rob is very strict about it – the only “oops” situation we’d have is if it broke.

    Have you looked into the book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility”? It might help you to figure out your cycles, and be able to abstain during your fertile periods (or be sure to use condoms, etc.) during that time. I have known a few women with wacky cycles that have been able to avoid pregnancy/gain pregnancy with this method.

    Good luck – Birth control is a VERY tricky thing.
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  2. Oh, how I feel your pain. No seriously. I feel it. Right here. I’m pretty much all set with messing with my body’s chemical/hormonal makeup. If my husband and I were sure we didn’t want another kid I’d drive him over for a vasectomy myself. Birth control has been my responsibility for the entire 10 years of our relationship. Very soon, it will be his turn. My rant on this is here: (if you’re interested).

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