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Jack’s bedroom is lacking a closet and the older he gets, the more disastrous his room becomes.  I was unsure what to do with the room when we moved to this house back in February, and sadly his room hasn’t improved much since that time.  There is a bookshelf, a small two-drawer unit, and some bins for toys.  Jack’s clothes tend to sit in a large canvas bag I got from Pottery Barn…now you know why “obtain wardrobe storage for Jack’s room” was on my 110 in 2010 list.

Thanks to the wonder that is craigslist, I was able to cross off one of those 110 goals yesterday.  I got a sweet deal on a used Kullen wardrobe from IKEA.  The owner dropped it off and now it’s ours!  David started putting it together last night while I cleared space in Jack’s room for the behemoth piece of furniture.  I’m hoping to get it into his room tonight and start organizing!

I don’t expect this wardrobe is the complete solution for Jack’s room.  It seems like it will take care of the mess that is his clothing, and I may be able to shove a storage bin of toys in there, as well.  I will probably need more storage bins, though.  Ideas?  Suggestions?  I’m definitely not the best at organizing, even though I feel very accomplished when it’s done!  Even if it’s not a complete solution, though it will be a BIG improvement.

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