Jack has suddenly regressed with the potty training.  All of these months he has been consistently peeing in the potty at daycare and nowhere else (okay, a couple times at my house, once at a friend’s, once at his grandmother’s).  As of yesterday, he is not even peeing in the potty at daycare.

I haven’t been pushing potty use at home.  I ask him every few days if he is ready to use the potty and he replies that he doesn’t want to so I drop it.  I know there have been some potty training efforts made at Jack’s dad’s place, with little success.  I’m not sure if something changed over the weekend or if this is just Jack being stubborn.

I’m not sure what to do at this point.  Go the naked kid route or lay off completely?  I’m not worried about it; I know some day he will use the potty and there is no burning need for him to do it now.  It’s just perplexing that he knows what to do and refuses to do it, even when we have been good about keeping the pressure off.

2 thoughts on “Regression”

  1. When Sam started showing some interest in the potty, I kept him pantsless for about a week. Not all day or anything, just when it was convenient for me. He didn’t like peeing on himself, and started using the toilet. Granted, he had the interest in the first place, and Jack doesn’t. But it’s worth a try. Buy a big box of baking soda for his accidents.

    1. Yeah, Jack used to be interested…now he just isn’t. I haven’t done the naked thing so far because he really doesn’t like to go without clothes, for one, and it’s been pretty damned cold. I think we’ve run out of options, though. I can’t even imagine what the stumbling block is on this issue. He knows how to use the potty both sitting down and standing up, he knows when he has to go (he has a habit of holding it these days), he just doesn’t want to. I thought if I put the potty in the living room, he would consider using it while watch his movie but nope!

      Oy. Maybe his ped will have some ideas.

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