A Piece of Quiet

We are in Tahoe this weekend.  We so need this weekend away from the city and our responsibilities.  It’s beautiful up here blanketed in snow, icicles hanging from the eaves.  It’s crisp but sunny outside and the panoramic views in the cabin make for a wonderfully relaxing environment.

Despite going to bed after midnight (Jack was bizarrely hyper) and the back and forth coughing between Jack and me, we all slept fairly well.  Jack laid quietly on top of his Cars sleeping bag until I awoke this morning.  Can’t ask for better than that!  I got up and our gracious host had a latte waiting for me.  Ahhh, bliss.  Jack and I spent a good hour and a half building robots with legos.  Whenever we go on vacation I’m reminded how fabulous it is to sit and play with my son without the billions of chores that would be calling my name at home.  Not only do I get to focus more on Jack, but my lego building prowess is steadily improving.

It's a roboty day.

We don’t have a lot of plans for the weekend but sledding is among them.  I bought some ultra cute polar bear snow boots on mega sale at Land’s End and I can’t wait to see Jack all bundled up.  He was so excited about our trip last night that he couldn’t stop giggling, which of course had me cracking up.  We need more vacation in our lives, methinks.

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