Habitual Oddities

I’m kind of bouncing off of Nancy’s post at Fear and Parenting in Las VegasThe OCD Chronicles with this one.  I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while and I think about it every morning when I’m getting Jack ready for daycare but, well, between the new blog project in which I’m involved and a nasty cold (which I found out has resulted in a torn serratus muscle by my right rib cage, oh joy), I’ve been a little distracted…

Anyhoo, my boy has some odd habits. Sometimes they are great habits, and other times they are annoying.  I have to wonder at his future mental health at times, but mostly I know that he is just a typically wacky 3 year old trying to exert control over his environment and he’ll grow out of it…

  1. Any time we remove his socks, he has to make sure there is no lint between his toes. This wouldn’t bother me so much except when we are trying to get dressed in the morning and we are inevitably running late…if I stick the sock on before he is ready he will shove his hand down in it to clean between his toes even if there is nothing there.  At least I got him to stop doing this as part of the bedtime routine…
  2. Zippers must be zipped and of course they must be zipped all the way up to his neck.  This one wouldn’t bother me if he actually could zip it himself!
  3. Rockets are not space shuttles…and vice versa.  Honestly, I have no clue what the differentiation is with this but Jack apparently does.  I suspect no matter what I say, he is going to say I’m wrong and it’s the other thing.  He loves to tell people they are wrong…
  4. Picking his nose.  Probably every kid does this…right?  Please tell me yes.  No matter how many times I tell him not to pick his nose and to please ask for a tissue, he still prefers to pick.  I guess that’s why they make nostrils the size of fingers?  Blech.
  5. Standing right in front of the television.  What is up with this?  I remember doing it as a kid, too, but I have no idea WHY.  Jack does it and we have wasted a lot of breath reminding him to back up and sit in a chair or on the couch.
  6. Every day when I attempt to walk out of the door at daycare, he exclaims, “Oh, I forgot!” and runs up to give me hugs and kisses.  I suppose I need to teach him the difference between ‘forgot’ and ‘remembered’.
  7. It’s pretty cute that he is so polite with his pleases and thank yous.  The rebel in me who hated to be polite for politeness’ sake as a kid thinks it’s weird in a 3 year old, though…

I’m probably lucky.  I’m guessing there are kids out there with much stranger habits than Jack’s.  What do you think?  Is your kid wacky-doo too?

4 thoughts on “Habitual Oddities”

  1. Aww. Thanks for the pingback! My 6YO does the toe thing and the nose picking ebbs and flows with their allergies. Doodle is also a zippertothenose kind of kid.

    If it wasn’t for my 6YO having gone through these things and coming out the other side relatively normal, I would worry. At least I know these things pass and with a cocktail or two they pass a little faster.

  2. Oh these little creatures of habit. And when your kid is a bit more intense than others, their little quirks stand out all the more…

    One night, I served ABC tater tots. Katie stole one from her father’s plate. She stole the letter “L.” So he teased her, “Hey! That’s my L! You stole Daddy’s L!”

    Now, whenever she sees a letter L (or we have ABC tater tots) I hear about Daddy’s L.

    This is particularly amusing when we watch a weather report and a Low Pressure system is on the map. “THAT’S DADDY’S L!!!!”

  3. Space shuttles usually carry people. A rocket does propulsion. Some rockets could carry people or cargo, maybe, but plenty of rockets exist which can’t, or are just thrusters that will drop off the side after they spend their fuel, etc.
    Hope that helps. 😛

    I don’t think cleaning between toes is a bad thing…and I saw a statement recently along the lines of, Ya gotta pick…you’re just kidding yourself if you think blowing your nose will get it all out. 😛

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