I *wish* I was just sick and tired

It sucks being on duty while sick.  It’s even worse when you’re sick and injured.  I’ve had a chest cold for three weeks now!  The awful coughing resulted in a torn serratus anterior muscle that hurts even during normal activities.  Blowing my nose, sneezing, turning over in bed, and hugs all hurt.  A lot.  As of last week the cold invaded my sinuses and now my face hurts, as well.  So much fun!

In any case, I’ve been kind of out of it.  My cat Wicket escaped on Saturday night (as best I can guess) and I spent Sunday morning worrying about the possibility that he could have been attacked by the two big dogs upstairs or the many skunks and raccoons in the area.  This is the first time I’ve lost track of that cat in the 8  years I’ve had him.  It all ended well – he finally let out an answering meow during one of my ventures into the backyard to call for him.  He emerged from the side of the house that is inaccessible to anything larger than a cat, dirty and hungry and ready to get back in the house but totally healthy.  After that I was able to stop blaming myself for his escape.

This muscle pain is bad, though.  I’ve been taking ibuprofen but it only helps so much.  Wine helps dull the pain a lot, but leads to me doing more activity than I probably should and further aggravating the injured muscle.  And, of course, I can’t drink wine all day!  I still have to care for Jack and go to work.  My liver probably minds and of course I need to sleep at night…  I dread trying to get out of bed in the morning.  The constant pain throughout the day is grating, as well.  I had planned on taking Jack to the zoo yesterday but between my worry about the cat and the fact that driving=painful steering, I did not feel up to chasing a 3 year old around outside.  Instead we stayed home and played with play-dough and watched movies.  I hate being sick and physically limited and up for very little.  It’s times like this when I wish there was a clone of me that I could call in to take over.  Since cloning is not an option (yet?), I am resigned to half-assed parenting, a messy house (David has my cold now, too!), mistakes at work, and lots of whining.  Anyone wanna join me?


By the way, my next post for The Frugal Family: Benefits of the Virtual Grocery Store was published today.  Please check it out!  And remember that it’s especially awesome to shop online when you’re sick or incapacitated.  😛

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