Time to do the money dance

Today is a momentous day.  Today David was offered a job.  Wait, it’s not just a job offer.  It’s a good job offer.  We are a happy, happy household!!

David and I met at the end of August 2009.  When December rolled around, he (and his co-workers) had already taken a pay cut in order to attempt to stay employed.  The paycut didn’t work out so well and layoffs began (I believe David was laid off the day after my birthday).  This was, of course, in the middle of a terrible economic decline that was only going to get worse.  He got a few bites on applications but they disappeared into thin air and then stopped altogether when the economy hit rock bottom.  Things have slowly begun to recover but it’s been a loooooong year.

A few days ago David got a less than good offer from a company in Silicon Valley…hourly pay for a position different from what he applied for that came with a 3 hour RT commute and no medical benefits.  Oh and it would be a two month contract.  In the words of the manager offering him the position, “It’s better than what you have now, right?”  Not only was he left feeling like he was being taken advantage of because of the market, but all of those downsides AND working for a jerk?  So not worth it!  Still, he thought about it.  We talked it over – talked about how to make our separate commutes work with one car and little in the way of public transit options.  We discussed what life would be like for the next few months before the contract ended and he was unemployed again.  His unemployment benefit extensions have run out and his last check was arriving this week.  So of course, the decision was not easy, but David ultimately turned it down because our entire life would be turned upside down for two months of minimal paychecks.  In addition, there was this other job that looked like it was going to come through and it wouldn’t require nearly as much lifestyle rearrangement…

David’s last unemployment check came in the mail yesterday.  Today, he was offered a job.  Full time, salaried, health benefits, permanent employment.  He totally snatched that puppy up!

Tonight we are celebrating the end of this search and doing our version of the money dance.  We’ll say goodbye to self doubt, daily financial strain, and worry over equal contribution in the household.  Starting next week, we get to enjoy living together without the cloud of unemployment hanging over our heads, something we haven’t been able to do for most of our (fairly new) relationship.  We are SO looking forward to the less stressful days ahead!

9 thoughts on “Time to do the money dance”

  1. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a money dance … outside of wedding-related money dances. LOL

    Congratulations, David; I knew your hard work would pay off. I’m proud of you for sticking to it!

    I’m also proud of you, Crys, for being so patient and loving during the whole time. Seeing how supportive you have been of David’s search is inspiring.

    Love to you both!

  2. Cheers! Hope you are living it up this weekend. We’ve been through that whole “when are we gonna get work” phase (together – not much fun though misery loves company) so I remember the rush of finally getting that offer. Congrats!

  3. That’s great! It is SO hard to turn down a sure thing, even if it’s a really lousy sure thing. (And it’s so hard when you know people are taking advantage of your situation. Lucky the UI was running out anyway because you would have lost it for turning down that job.) It is so hard. I am so happy for your family! What a wonderful blessing! HOORAY!

    1. Well, one of the reasons we were able to survive like that for a year was that David’s EDD checks were actually really good. He was paying half the bills with those. We were lucky lucky lucky. It was just hard wondering when they would run out and whether there’d be a job opportunity anytime soon.

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