We bought a new car

After a raucous Friday night of celebrating David’s new job (SQUEE!), we visited a few dealerships in the area on Saturday.  There were four cars on the short list: Toyota Yaris, Scion xD, Honda Fit, and the Hyundai Accent (if all else failed).  With a stop at the Toyota dealership, we quickly crossed the Yaris and Scion off the list – the first because it was a little too small and we hated the wacky dash configuration (what’s up with the speedometer being in the middle of the dash?) and the second because it was SO UNCOMFORTABLE.  Happy to have a shorter list, we headed to Honda.

The Fit was nice.  I love the many ways the rear seats could be configured and the car is very comfortable.  It was super easy to get a carseat in the back because I didn’t have to dig for the LATCH anchors.  What kept me from being in love with the car was the somewhat rough acceleration and brakes and the fact that, for being such a small car, the gas mileage isn’t that great.  It fit our needs and budget but I wasn’t sure that I wanted a car I didn’t totally adore.  After the test drive, we left the dealership and headed home (after an unsuccessful attempt at finding the Hyundai dealership) to get ready for a dinner party and contemplate our options.

David and I discussed the car and I admitted I wasn’t in love with the Fit.  Still, I went online and looked at options and submitted a request for a quote.  I received a fantastic quote from a dealership down in Colma and that pretty much sealed the deal.  We made plans to head down Sunday morning and I submitted my application for Honda financing.

We arrived Sunday morning ready to purchase a Fit, only to find out that the dealership was fresh out of the Sport model (the one with the clicky lock button, cruise control, etc.).  The options were to wait a few days for one (which might run us into David’s work start date), buy the base model, or take a look at the Civic.  Much to my surprise, the Civic was actually going for less than the Fit!  Off we went on a test drive and it proved to be a smoother ride and a safer, more comfortable car – Jack’s carseat could go in the middle of the back seat and passengers could still sit comfortably on either side of it.  Not only that, but the gas mileage is better.  It was pretty much a no brainer to make the decision to go with the Civic.  Even though I was giving up a gazillion cup holders, uber-accessible LATCH anchors, better parking options, and a cuter looking car…I was making the more responsible decision by going with something that was safer, better at holding its value, and better for the environment.

Thanks to my awesome credit (of which I am VERY proud), I got super low (1.9%) financing from Honda and bought the car at Invoice.  I didn’t love the Civic immediately but it is growing on me every time I drive it.  I think it helps that Jack named it “Stateboggle” – I feel like I know it better now.  😉  (Also, he pretends it’s a batcar and that it has a crossbow on the front – apparently it is VERY cool!)

Still, I can’t help looking longingly at the parking spaces in which the Fit would, uh, fit.  I guess that’s just part of city life, though!

4 thoughts on “We bought a new car”

  1. I bought my Civic just a few months before we moved across the country. It got me 60 mpg as we drove across the country on highways, keeping pretty steady speeds. And then I had a horrid car accident about 4 years later and it saved our lives by crumpling just where it needed to.

    The only thing that kept me from buying another was not really wanting to be in the same car that I had the accident in (sorta a flashback thing).

    I *heart* Civics.

  2. Civics are great cars! Congrats!

    My Saturn has the speedometer in the middle. It’s weird at first, but I got used to it. It is confusing though, now I always look in the middle when driving other cars and it isn’t there.

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