Potty Training Milestone

Jack has been doing a great job of using the potty.  Most days he makes it through needing only one change (for #2).  It’s become more of a routine, but I am still reminding him to go to pee quite a bit.  Mostly, though, he completely forgets about getting any money for it.

After spending three hours or so at the car dealership (thank goodness they had a playroom!) Sunday, I thought it was time to reward Jack for all of his good behavior (um, aside from the slightly inappropriate “this looks like a penis” comment he made when inspecting some little rubber piece on the car door).  While our new car was being washed and detailed, we decided to get lunch and head over to Target for a shopping trip.  Jack was jumping and squealing with excitement.  This is the first time I’ve taken him into a store to pick out a toy.  I’m not sure what has taken me so long (other than my abhorrence for shopping with kids)!

After dithering over a few green Transformers (he picked out a Level 2 and I had to locate a level 1), he decided he had

picked out a bad guy and changed his mind completely.  Instead of getting a Transformer, he ended up picking out a Batman motorcycle toy that transforms.

He LOVES his new toy. He has been carrying it around with him and switching it back and forth between the batcycle and the weapon suit over and over. (Don’t try to tell him it’s not a transformer!) 

I was afraid that he would regress on using the potty again once I got him the toy. Luckily, I was ready when he refused to use the potty – I told him he could save up to get Batman’s sidekick and accessories. I’m kinda good at this potty bribery training thing.

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