Mom the Decepticon

I was finally able to convince Jack to wear another of the new shirts I bought him.  This time, it was the black shirt that says “DUDE!”  Jack has been talking a lot about good guys and bad guys lately and somehow got it into his head that good guys wear white and bad guys wear black.  He is also quite obsessed with Transformers.  Using these two pieces of information, I cleverly manipulated my 3.5 year old:

“Jack, do you want to dress up like a Decepticon?  This shirt has a D on it for Decepticon!”

“Do I get to be a bad guy?”

“Yup, you go for it, dude!”

And thus I convinced my son to wear a new shirt and believe HE was the Decepticon.  Motherhood is great for honing my skills of deception…at least, for the preschool crowd.

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