The Next Step in Carseats

As you may have noticed, I’m having trouble making decisions lately.  The latest decision dilemma involves carseats.  Now that we have two cars, we’d like to have two carseats so that David can pick Jack up from daycare when necessary.  I’ve narrowed the choices down to the Graco Nautilus and the Evenflo Symphony 65.  The seats are comparable with a few notable differences:


  • pretty inexpensive at $144
  • allows extended use of 5 pt harness (2.5″ taller)
  • harness adjustment requires re-threading
  • hook style LATCH
  • cup holder

Symphony 65

  • buckle LATCH rather than hook (easier!)
  • easy sliding adjustment of harness (no re-threading!)
  • can be used for infants if we have another child
  • a tad more expensive at $190

So, the Nautilus would allow us to use the 5 pt harness longer and save us money now.  The Symphony, on the other hand, would be a lot easier to deal with and could potentially come in handy for another kid (although Jack would likely still be using it during a second kid’s infanthood…so that is probably moot).

Part of the reason I lean toward the Symphony, aside for the ease of installation and height adjustment, is that I loved the Evenflo Triumph (which Joe now has) except for a few features that have since been fixed.  I’ve only dealt with the Graco SnugRide in the past (and the stroller/travel system) which was a nightmare to install properly, so I have a little something against Graco.  Still, I like the cheaper price on the Graco and the ability to keep Jack that much safer for just a little longer…

Can you see my dilemma?  Which would you choose?  If it makes a difference, we currently have a Britax Marathon and yeah, it’s easy to install but so not worth the extra $100 in my opinion (which is why I’m not considering their Convertible/Booster option).

4 thoughts on “The Next Step in Carseats”

  1. Go with the Evenflo since you are happy with the brand. Yes it is 46 dollars more then the other but if you already don’t like Graco. Why go that route and have the bad memory’s taint the new seat.

  2. I have the same dilema. what did you do? Are you hapy? what should I do? I’m afraid that the nautilus is not comfortable enough…? But it seems like it would last longer…

    1. I ended up with something completely different – a Radian. It worked very well but was super heavy! Still, my son used it for a long time and was able to climb into it by himself since it’s not as bulky as other seats. With my second child, I have a Britax Marathon and a Chicco Nextfit. I think I prefer the Britax! I could never make myself go back to Graco at all…

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