After writing about the Symphony versus Nautilus carseat dilemma I talked to David some more and it occurred to me that there just might be a seat out there that wouldn’t make me choose between ease of use and safety.  I also decided I’d pay a bit more if I could have both things that were important to me!  I looked again at the Britax Frontier and then discovered the Sunshine Kids Radian80 seat.

The Radian caught my eye because a parent in a carseat review forum mentioned they could fit three Radians in the back seat of their car…even in a Civic.  The Radian incorporates all of the things I wanted in both seats (ease of installation AND extended harness capability).  I get the buckle style LATCH, a seat that can be used from infancy to 80 pounds (although the 65 version would probably be sufficient, as well), and bonus – the seat is the narrowest on the market so we can keep the backseat comfy for other passengers or another carseat later on.

I hopped over to ebates, found Elite Carseats, and between the 20% sale on the seat, free shipping, no sales tax, and my 3% rebate (not to mention the points I get for using my Amazon card – woot!) this seat isn’t costing me much more than the other options.  And now I feel very good about my decision.  🙂

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