Spring Cleaning

While Jack was at his dad’s this weekend, David and I took a trip to IKEA.  We’ve been itching to get our house in order and, miraculously, we were both in the mood to work on it this Saturday.  We filled up the Subaru with new furniture and came home to put it all together.  We completely rearranged our living room before adding the new furniture, and it’s amazing the difference it has made.  I *love* our place all over again.  It also felt wonderful to check a few more items off my 2010 Goal List.

We now have a nifty place to store shoes AND I hung the awesome prints I got from etsy:

DVDs are accessible once again (and yeah, that is more etsy art on the left there)!

Our board games are no longer taking up space in our dining room hutch (photo of flowers by Sarahndipitea!):

David has also been working on the back yard.  A few weeks ago he planted poppies and sweet peas.  This weekend he added Dahlias (per my request).  Pictures will come when they start blooming.

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