Wishing and hoping

The divorce papers have been sent in yet again and it looks like they were received today.  I’m hoping with every piece of me that they are accepted this time, right before this process hits the 1.5 year anniversary.

If you plan on hiring a service to do the paperwork in your divorce, email me first to ask which one I used.  My friend Sarah gives big props to Legal Zoom for her smooth divorce.  I was too cheap for them.  Yay for cheap…

4 thoughts on “Wishing and hoping”

    1. The long version is this:

      I filed for divorce. It went to default so that my ex didn’t have to pay the fee to respond to the petition. No one is asking for spousal support but there is a provision for child support. We have no shared property. Easy peasy right? The agency I hired to put these papers together set it up as if there would be a response by the Ex and all of the forms and instructions were set up according to this.

      With the first 3 or 4 rejections due to either missing information on the papers or inconsistencies between forms, I had the agency “fix” it. When it was still rejected I got my money back. I’ve gotten a little further now that I’ve canned the worthless agency but there still seems to be a sticking point with the spousal support (that no one is asking for!).

      I also got a free consultation through work with an attorney. It was actually more like a phone call wherein I was told I’d have to pay a $3000 retainer fee for her to help me (even though someone who knows what they are doing should be able to figure this out in like 10 minutes).


      I got a post it note on the last rejection letter pointing to the area that needs to be fixed. (They can’t give advice on filling out forms – the court can only tell you where the problem area is.) I apparently chose the wrong box to check? I don’t know…

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