Prepping for BlogHer

Plans are in full swing for BlogHer.  I have a hotel room with roommates, my flight is booked, and I’ve RSVP’d to many a party:

I'm going!I'm going!I'm going! People's Party BlogHer 2010I'm going!

Next I will print out the insane very rich and full agenda to determine which sessions I’ll be attending.  I am open to suggestions since I’m a first timer.

Are you going to BlogHer?  Let me know so we can meet!  So far, besides my roomies, I expect I’ll catch up with Caitlin, Emmie, Megan, Kat, Lexi, and Dawn…I think.  My memory is not so good so I probably forgot someone and/or included someone on accident.

Have I mentioned I’ve never been to New York?  Not even the airport!  Wheee!

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