Half-asleep mumblings

Poor Jack has a cold for the first time in a while.  He doesn’t have a fever but he is visibly exhausted, snotty, and quite hacky.  Last night he woke up twice bawling.  I *think* he hit his head when tossing and turning but it’s hard to say because he was pretty out of it (now I know what David deals with when I try to talk to him while half asleep).  After getting him to bed the second time, I had trouble falling back to sleep and kept thinking I heard him crying.  I’m tired today.

It astounds me that I dealt with regular night waking for almost two years straight when Jack was a baby while holding down a crazy-busy full time job and getting absolutely no down time.  How did I do that?  How does anyone do that?  After being so unused to it now, I feel like a complete zombie today.  It’s a miracle that I can type!

Thank goodness we’re in an easier phase overall!  It’s days like today that remind me why I haven’t had a second child yet.  The easier things get with Jack, the harder it gets to go in the second child direction…

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2 thoughts on “Half-asleep mumblings”

  1. Completely agree on the last line. I look back at the first 6 mos. of my daughters life and while at the time I was loving it, it was hard! It gets so much easier. And then to think about having another & doing it all over again. Requires so much dedication! And the logistics of getting 2 kids out the door….goodness.

  2. I haven't slept in three years, I know your pain. For the past 8 months I haven't had ONE night that I slept longer than 3-hour intervals. I'm not kidding. It's a miracle I function enough to walk during the day. BUUUUT, I think you and David would make such a cute baby!!! Love for that little cherub will get you through it 🙂

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