I marked another goal off of my 110 in 2010 list this weekend!  Several months ago I bought tickets to the June 5th Tom Petty show at Oracle Arena.  I bought the cheapest ones because I’m cheap…even when it comes to seeing one of my absolute favorite singers in concert.  Friday before the show came and Live Nation ran a Twitter contest via @tompettydotcom giving away two tickets.  I mainly retweeted so that Sarah would see the contest and enter.  But alas – I won the contest myself! So I gave my original tickets to Sarah and her Mister.  While they watched the show using the cheap nosebleed section tickets, David and I enjoyed seats in the 10th row on the Main Floor of the arena.  It was SO AWESOME!!!

Unfortunately the camera on my new Motorola Devour “smart” phone sucks big time so the pictures I got are much worse that what we saw with our own eyes:

But let me just say – we were close enough to see opening act Joe Cocker spray spit every time he belted out a lyric.  It was pretty hilarious. (Also, if you care about phone cameras, do NOT get the Devour.)

I’m still kind of in shock.  My step-mom introduced me to Tom’s stuff when I was a kid and ever since I’ve been enthralled.  I’d never seen him in concert and started to fear he would die before I saw him.  So this year HAD to be the year I SAW TOM PETTY!!!  WOOT!

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One thought on “Heartbreakers”

  1. Our “cheap nosebleed section tickets” were FANTASTIC. 😛 You make them sound bad. They weren't. We got to sit by a whole bunch of super-cool people and we had a blast, too! Hehehe! Thanks for sharing the Tom Petty experience with TheMister and I!

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