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Every Sunday morning this winter, I drove down to South San Francisco.  I knocked on Joe’s door and waited to hear the high-pitched squeal of excitement from Jack.  Sometimes he threw himself at me when the door opened and sometimes he stood at the top of the stairs and announced something like, “OF COURSE it’s my mom!”  He would then spend 10 minutes or so showing off his most recent toy or Lego creation before shoving me out the door while declaring, “It’s time to go now!”

After pick-up, we drove down to Peet’s where Jack ordered “kid coffee” (aka hot cocoa) and I get the real stuff.  This has become our Sunday ritual and Jack totally knows the drill now.  He gets up on his tip toes to peer over the counter and orders for himself, “I want kid coffee please!  And pumpkin bread!”  The cashier gets clarification from me on what kid coffee means after chuckling.  Then Jack leads me to a table where he stuffs over-sized bites of pumpkin bread in his mouth while I sip my mocha.

Joe’s work schedule changes again this week, so there will be no more Sunday pick-ups.  Instead Jack and I will spend every weekend together until September.  We’ll come up with a new ritual, like homemade hot cocoa and waffles or a walk to the donut shop on Saturday mornings.  Who knows.

I enjoyed similar rituals with my mom growing up and it’s one of only a few things about my childhood that I am choosing to recreate for Jack.  Before becoming a parent, I dreamed of sitting down with my child, focusing on his company, hearing about his latest adventures, and reconnecting with him.  These are the moments when time stands still and I completely revel in being a mom.

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One thought on “Reveling”

  1. You are such a great mother, Crystal! I'm very proud of you, Jack is one lucky boy to have you as a mama. Every parenting book I read, religous or non, they all say that building family traditions (even small) is one of the factors that play in a good relationship between parent and child, and good for the family. Uhhhh…our family “tradition” now? Every time we go to Target, Charlie gets mac 'n cheese and some sort of princess toy. Must.Make.Other.Traditions, HA!

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