Kid’s Meal Fail

We stopped by Burger King today after a longer-than-planned trip to Target.   I really am not sure what to say about this “toy” that came in Jack’s kid’s meal:

I’m especially amused by the PG-13 stamp on the packaging and the note that this toy is for kids 3 and older.  I asked Jack what he thought about it…he asked, “What is it?”  Two seconds later he was back to playing with his toy spaceship.

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11 thoughts on “Kid’s Meal Fail”

  1. Aaaaaand, that's why many tweens and teens are overweight nowadays; because the high calorie happy meals are marketed towards them, not the KIDS.

  2. Isn't that crazy? There have been more than a few times when at Del Taco or Wendy's when my husband has thought ahead and asked what the toy is – and then decided to follow up with “and what's your under 3 toy?” – because sometimes the 'baby toys' are much more fun than the toy in the kid's meal as it is. This has garnered us more chalk (Del Taco) than we can imagine – but it's better than some stupid “toy” that's mean for a tweener.

  3. It's like they are saying… here kids play with this toy! BUT! you're not old enough to see the movie, haha!…which isn't really a bad thing.

  4. Who knows, kids might like it better. I couldn't stop cracking up during the last one. Why didn't they market it as a comedy??

  5. I should have thought of that. I used to be good about asking for the under 3 stuff. I was hungry and scatterbrained and just not prepared for what came in that bag.

  6. It totally fails on all levels – it's a movie poster that rolls up into those plastic side thingies. WHY it does that…I don't know.

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