Jack is Four

Jack has had three birthday parties this year.  That kid is so spoiled!  Friday he had cupcakes with his daycare buddies, Sunday we had a small party for him at my house, and yesterday his dad threw a shindig for him.  Jack asked me over the weekend several times, “Why is it still my birthday?”  I explained that we were celebrating on different days, but that his actual birthday is July 13.  He refused to say he was four until then, so I think he somewhat understood…

Our decor was a mixture of Transformers, Iron Man, Spiderman, and Toy Story – all picked by Jack, of course.  He loved every bit of the party, especially the part where his cousin Isha and his best friend Sydney “came to my house!”

Photos are courtesy of David and Sarahndipitea who snapped these with my crappy point-and-shoot.

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One thought on “Jack is Four”

  1. Oh this is so sweet. You should just tell him that we celebrate birthdays for a whole week. That is my theory, at least. I always make my last a week. 😉

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