Just when I stop and think that it’s been a while since I’ve seen Jack draw on his magnedoodle, he comes up with another masterpiece.  This time he added words – can you find “Batman” and “mobile”?

Yeah, we have to work on the whole “English goes left to right” thing but I’m still really impressed by his skills!

3 thoughts on “Batmobile”

  1. Eh, writing the “right” way isn't that important. In fact, it's my understanding that you shouldn't correct stuff like that, because it interrupts the learning process. He'll figure it out when he notices that his writing doesn't match his books.

  2. Good point! I knew that about puzzles but didn't extend it to learning to write. I'm a big fan of doing nothing and letting him figure it out. Erm, except when he yells with frustration.

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