Family Alien Day

David was out of town for his bachelor party this weekend, so Jack and I hung out together solo.  It struck me on Friday that this weekend was a fabulous opportunity for the two of us to have quality mom/son time before I go out of the country for 9 days.  I ignored all my other responsibilities and focused on Jack – it was fabulous!

I happily found out that Habitot in Berkeley was having a Family Alien Day (even better – we got half off the tickets because we are members of the Bay Area Discovery Museum).  I saved the news until Saturday morning because I knew Jack would freak out with excitement.  He nearly had a breakdown when he realized he didn’t have any green alien gear and tried to insist that we go to the store to get him a proper outfit. Instead I convinced him that his Superman (pajama) costume was perfect.  After all, Superman is like THE most famous alien ever!

Prior to Saturday we had never been to Habitot.  I had no idea what Jack was missing out on.  As soon as we walked in there was a big mock space shuttle complete with keyboards, buttons, joysticks for steering…Jack spent the majority of his time in that thing.  He had so much fun pretending to dodge asteroids and steer the ship out of craters.  (I spent much of the time imagining how I could get David to build a space shuttle bed for Jack.  Wouldn’t that be SO COOL?)  There was a control station with buttons that made shooting noises outside of the shuttle and Jack thought it was great.  I was amused watching the kids negotiate with one another and I could barely contain my laughter when a child dressed as Batman tried to start the good old Batman vs. Superman debate.  Jack just walked away from the kid.

We did some face painting, enjoyed crater cookies and space punch, and experimented with space goo.  Jack wore himself out running around.  We headed home and both took 3 hour naps.  It was a perfect day.

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2 thoughts on “Family Alien Day”

  1. Sounds like a great day…

    I'm mostly here though to wish you tons of fun and love for this weekend! I'm stepping away (mostly) from the computer for the next week and wanted to have the chance to wish you guys well before I do so. I want you to remember what the day is all about okay? It's about LOVE and FUN (not the stress of event planning – let that stuff slide on the day of and just remember it's a party to enjoy).

    Remember to eat something. And know that for all the stress you are feeling right now, in 20 years it'll just be funny to you guys as you sit back on your anniversary and laugh at how stressed out you were over your Big Party on your wedding day.

    Congrats and HAVE A BLAST!!!!!!

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