Truthiness: Our Lady of Perpetual Boredom

I have seen the 30 Days of Truth around the blogosphere lately and it’s giving me some pretty awesome insight about the authors.  I am loving reading it and I thought I would offer some truthiness myself in an ode to their honesty.  I can’t promise I will reveal the #1 truth for each prompt, but I will be thoroughly honest in my responses.

Day 01 → Something you hate about yourself.

Gosh, there are quite a few things that I hate about myself – my ever-present acne, lack of real eyebrows, and frequent migraines since childhood are all on my Hit List.

I really hate my propensity for boredom, though.

  • I start projects that I don’t finish because I lose interest – i.e. knitting, jewelry making, quilting, scrapbooking, college…
  • I don’t like being by myself because HOLY CRAP AM I BORING.  At least I am to me.
  • I hate feeling bored, hate it when things sound uninteresting.  I will do busywork (because doing something is better than doing nothing) like picking up around the house or playing repetitive “games” on Facebook and curse every second because it’s so boring.
  • I won’t watch reruns or eat leftovers or drink the same Big Name coffee drink every day for months on end…boooooriiiiiing.

I want variety and excitement and newness and FUN.  Almost constantly.  No matter how exhausting, expensive, or difficult to achieve it is.

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