Truthiness Day 4: Forgiveness

Day 04 → Something you have to forgive someone for.

(I have a problem with this “have to” business.  I don’t have to forgive anyone.  I prefer “like to.”)

There is still many things that happened during my split with Joe that I haven’t quite gotten over.  I got through that time the best way I knew how – by tucking in my chin, locking up my feelings, and focusing on all the tasks that needed to be completed.  It felt like everything was up to me – the living arrangements, the care of Jack, the financial obligations, the paperwork, the communication with family and friends.  It was overwhelming and shutting down emotionally was the only way to get through it.  Sometimes I didn’t keep my emotions under wraps – I cried in the bathroom at work, suffered from additional migraines from all of the stress, took anti-anxiety medication to ward off panic attacks.  Joe pretty  much went into a downward spiral, so I had little choice but to try to do damage control there so as to give Jack as much stability as possible.

According to some family and friends, I didn’t react as expected.  I seemed cold and unfeeling.  Because Joe was floundering, and I seemed to be getting by just fine, it appeared to some that I had planned everything.  It seemed like I was intentionally making things harder for Joe.  It was thought that perhaps I was happy about the whole situation.

It hurt me deeply.  I am a very sensitive person, although I mostly try to hide that so that I don’t get hurt.  Dealing with anger from Joe was expected, but I did not think that people who had become my family, people who knew about the problems in our marriage and had discussed separation with us even, would judge me or say that I hadn’t tried hard enough.

And I know – I know that Joe and I weren’t the only people involved in this and our separation affected more than just us.  Our family and friends had legitimate feelings about such a huge change and it was scary to them.  I want to be able to respect their feelings instead of feeling hurt by them.  I want to forgive them for caring about us so much that they were hurt by our actions and they hurt us back.

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  1. I like that you changed this from “have to” to “want to forgive” – it’s such a complicated emotion, forgiveness. This was a great post.

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