Truthiness Day 12: Lighter Shade of Pale

Day 12 → Something you never get compliments on.

Ummm….geez, I don’t know.  Is this supposed to refer to things on which I think I should be complimented?  I ask because no one compliments me on my cooking but that is because I suck at it.  Ditto singing, cleaning, science, my memory…

I guess no one compliments me on my pale skin.  I’ve heard a lot throughout my life about how I should get a tan.  If I wear black people ask me if I’m ill.  My one big complaint about my wedding make up is that the cosmetologist used a foundation that was notably darker than my complexion, so my face looked tan while the rest of me was pale (it totally looked obvious to me because I had a fair amount of my chest showing).

I like my skin and the fact that I’m able to keep it in good, unburnt shape.  There are so few who think that is a *good* thing.  Maybe it’s that I live in California?  Should I move to Canada or England?  Hm…

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