Truthiness Day 13: Catharsis

Warwick Avenue (song)
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Day 13 → A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days. (write a letter.)

Dear Duffy,

I listened to your album Rockferry constantly in 2008 after Joe and I split up.  Not only did your album include songs that mirrored many of the things I felt while going through that break up and starting divorce proceedings (like Warwick Avenue), but there were also songs that reflected my excitement about my new beginning (i.e. Distant Dreamer).  It was an odd time for me – mourning losses while also discovering new, fulfilling experiences.  There was a lot of sadness but also I started to realize my strength and gained new respect for myself.

I haven’t listened to Rockferry in over a year and even then I didn’t hit repeat like I did two years ago.  It’s a great album, truly, and it helped me during a rough chapter of my life.  Putting the album on was nice in the sense that I found out that I had moved on and didn’t feel any need to revisit that time.  I’m a stronger, healthier person now.

Thank you,


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