Truthiness Day 23: Links to the Past

Day 23 → Something you wish you had done in your life.

I wish I had saved all of the notes my friends and I wrote back and forth in school.  For a long time I kept them in shoe boxes in my room at my mom’s.  When I moved out I threw them all out – I didn’t want to carry them with me from place to place, taking up a drawer or shelf that I could use for something I really needed.

I thought I would never care about reading those notes as an adult.  Now that I can’t remember a damned thing from the majority of my school years, I wish I had them.  I don’t remember what I did after school or what I liked about various boys or what I complained about.  I don’t remember who I was or what I talked about.

I should have kept those and gotten rid of my yearbooks.  My yearbooks contain pictures of people and things I don’t want to remember, reminders of the parts of school that were completely alien to me.  Those notes held the bulk of my grade school life in them, links to a past that no longer exists.

I wonder if my old friends have any of the notes I wrote to them…

One thought on “Truthiness Day 23: Links to the Past”

  1. Wow, so interesting! My high school didn’t even have a yearbook for my grade 12 year — no one wanted to make one! But my friends with whom I was the closest kept notebooks wherein we passed notes back in forth but it looked like we were studying. With one friend in particular we have 33 volumes complete with code names and everything. We saved them. The original plan was to read them on our grad night, but we had drifted by then. I think the box is somewhere with my stuff at Mum’s, or lost forever. And someday that friend with whom I’ve now reconnected and I will reread those books, laugh, cry, and destroy them.

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