I’d like to call this red Lego Friday

I woke up at 8am this morning and Jack informed me he had a Lego lodged in his nose.  I was not able to determine WHY he had stuck a Lego up his nose until later, but I could see that it was a small, one-unit round Lego.  I grabbed a pair of tweezers to try to get it out but could not get a handle on the friggin’ thing.  Oh, and Jack doesn’t know how to blow his nose.  I know, weird.  I woke David up to see if he had any ideas.  He also tried with the tweezers but then sent me to the store for a nasal aspirator.  I stopped for some coffee, as well.  Hey, I needed something warm to hang onto!

Back home and the nasal aspirator didn’t do a damned thing.  Then we tried to get Jack to sneeze with pepper and feathers.  No go!  I started to get more desperate.  I tucked his right nostril closed, had Jack close his mouth, and tried to suck that puppy out of the left nostril with my mouth.  Yeah, ewwwww.  Also, salty!  I tried a couple times and it just wasn’t working.  ARG!

So at 9:30am we trotted down to Kaiser’s emergency room.  An ER nurse advised me to try reverse-CPR by pinching the unaffected nostril closed while blowing in Jack’s mouth.  Jack thought this was hilarious.  I tried several times and again, no luck!

In comes the doctor.  She had me try once again with the reverse CPR and saw that the Lego didn’t move.  She then got a few tools (longer tweezer type things with no sharp edges and an alligator clamp) and the nurses held Jack down, instructing him to only say “stop” if he felt pain.  Jack pretended he was a dragon and told them “the dragon is scared.”  Telling them about the dragon distracted him enough and the doctor was able to use the tweezers to get the Lego out.  Jack was as good as new!

We got a nice souvenir out of that $100 trip – the doc put the Lego in a specimen cup and gave Jack an Iron Man sticker.  It was then that Jack told me the little red Lego was dragon fire…he had wanted to breathe fire out of his nose.  Now that he has the Lego in the specimen cup, it is venom.  Awesome.

Happy black Friday!  And remember – the ER does not participate in post-Thanksgiving sales.

2 thoughts on “I’d like to call this red Lego Friday”

  1. This is a nice little preview of what I can expect over the next few years 🙁
    Did you ask the doc where you could get the type of tweezers she used for any future “dragon fire” incidents?

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