Holiday Spirit

I can hardly believe it’s December but here we are.  Our mantel is filling up with gifts, holiday cards went out today, and our Countdown to Christmas Calendar (if you want to buy this, check out my website) is in full swing.

Jack tells me every day before he opens the next box, “I know what’s in there!”  But on the 5th day he was surprised to find not chocolate but a small gift of Gogos.  “Why are they goo goos [sic], mom?” he asked.  “I don’t know, son.  They are just funny little toys that you can play with.”

We are trying to take it easy on the spending for Christmas this year.  I think between the advent calendar and his stocking (not to mention the million gifts he gets from family), Jack will have plenty to open.  He told me what to put on his wish list (with my advice about what was an okay price) and has been asking every day if Santa will bring him this green alien:

Not to worry – Santa totally has this one in the bag (despite Amazon running out of stock!  Santa actually found a better price at anyway!).

Other gifts include (yes, these are affiliate links):

If your kid is into flashlights but keeps killing the batteries, you seriously need to check out that Lego torch – they need to wind it up to re-energize it! Woot!

I’m looking forward to the holiday. I especially like the fact that we won’t be putting ourselves into debt to celebrate it.

4 thoughts on “Holiday Spirit”

  1. That Lego torch is cool! We got some Fisher Price flashlights a couple of years ago that are animals (light comes out of mouth when mouth opens, also makes the noise of the animal.) To turn on the light you have to hold the tail. Let go of the tail, the light goes off. I’m a big fan of not draining batteries. 😉

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