New Year Frenzy

A little more than 3 weeks into the new year and I’m already exhausted.  We adopted a dog from a rescue group right before the holidays:

Lambert has kept us pretty busy with walks and training and dog-proofing, which we fully expected.  What we didn’t expect was a skin infection right off the bat, followed by our next door neighbor deciding to take up a personal crusade to try to force us to get rid of our new dog – a dog who doesn’t bark or growl, who quickly and eagerly learned his name and basic commands, who climbs into our laps for love, and who whimpers because the cats won’t play with him.  How could anyone say that this dog is vicious (as it was called in to Animal Control)?  I don’t get it.  Neither did Animal Control…

We are lucky in that this is just one neighbor and everyone else who meets Lambert finds him to be a great dog.  Still, we have a lawyer just in case (said neighbor has threatened to sue) and there is a lot of activity surrounding this situation that we could have never anticipated.

In other news, Jack is doing great and is growing up too quickly for my liking.  He told me recently he wants to be mummified when he dies.  When I responded with, “Jack, I don’t really want to think about you dying and I hope it doesn’t happen for a very long time,” he told me, “But mom, everyone dies!”  I never thought I’d hear that from a 4 year old!

I still need to submit the application for Jack to attend Kindergarten in the fall.  I can hardly believe I have a child that age but there is no denying it!  We sat down recently and I wrote some words on his Magnedoodle and he could actually read them.  I suspect he can read even more than 3 letter words but he refuses to do anything of the sort in front of me.  He also dislikes to have his picture taken these days.  At least by me.  Maybe I am already embarrassing him…

I’ve attended a couple of baby showers this month for two long-time friends who are pregnant with their first babies.  It brought back a lot of memories and contemplation, especially with the addition of the puppy in our house.  I’m glad that I can be there for friends who are beginning the parenthood journey and share my experience so that maybe others can do it better.  I’m also hoping that if I do it again I’ll be able to keep in mind that I kind of know what I’m doing now.  That’s a good feeling.

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