Off to school he will go

We made it through the San Francisco Unified School District lottery process!  I submitted Jack’s application in January with ten schools picked out as our top choices.  We heard back on March 19th that he got the #1 pick on our list!  WOOT!  That was quite a surprise!  The school is four blocks from our house and has a wonderful rating on  Color me happy!

It was a mad dash from there to get him a physical and immunization updates.  He needed to be enrolled by April 15th to secure his spot at the school, and his physical had to occur no earlier than March.  (It would have been great if I had known that before I got the letter – the earliest Pediatric appointment I could get was for April 4.)  Not to mention there are only certain dates when one can go down and enroll at the school.  Oh, and you need two proofs of address dated within the last 45 days (like bills, which we almost exclusively do electronically – arg!) along with the other paperwork.

Anyway, Jack’s dad took him in for his physical and three shots on Monday.  Today I gathered the paperwork and held my breath while handing everything over to the office clerk.  I was SURE something would be missing and I would be told to come back later (after all, the doctor was a bit lax in filling out the physical form, so we weren’t given a record of Jack’s booster shots…) but everything was accepted.  WHEW.  They’ll likely ask for that additional record later.

So yay!  Jack is enrolled in Kindergarten.  Now to prepare him (and myself!) emotionally for the transition.  I asked him this morning if he wanted to go with me to get enrolled and he declined, stating “Today is not a good day for that.”  Methinks he is a little nervous about the whole prospect, even though I reminded him that they have a playground that he gets to play on EVERY DAY!  Oh well, I’m sure he’ll come around.

Oh man, my baby is going to school…somebody hold me!

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