The Keys to the Kingdom

Jack can read.

This is CRAZY to me.  He’s not even 5 yet!  Actually he’s been able to read words for a few months as far as I can tell – it’s hard to say because he is a closet reader.  He is the type of kid who doesn’t like to show that he can do something until he can do it perfectly.  That’s how it went with potty training, too – he stopped peeing in his diaper at night by age 2 but didn’t decide to use the toilet until somewhere near age 4 (I honestly can’t recall) and then it was all in!  He had very few accidents once he decided he was a big boy.

So I’ve suspected for some time that he could read but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that he was at his dad’s and officially read a book that he hadn’t read before.  He has been reading the backs of buses and is picking out episodes of Ben 10 (his ultimate favorite show) to watch from the Tivo by title.

He can also write his name, dad, mom, and this weekend I went into his room to find “THOAR!” on his magnedoodle.  (The kid loves exclamation points).  He signed his name on all of his Valentine’s treats back in February.  He draws letters randomly on all of his artwork.  He’s kind of obsessed.

I let Jack know that he has a super power now that he can read – he can figure out secrets that are written down and everything.  😉  I can’t wait until HE is reading books to ME at bedtime!

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2 thoughts on “The Keys to the Kingdom”

  1. That is great. It will help him so much in school. Plus, he’ll look like a stud to the other kids! I’ve been teaching my four year old to read. So far I’m just doing sight words with him, but I’m hoping by the end of summer he will be able to read basic things. Keep up the great work!

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